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Self heating Insole Patch’s


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Unpacking automatically generates heat, sticks to the soles of the feet, and then removes them after coolin.
Maximum temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius, average temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius.
Four layers of non-woven fabric, good breathability, safe and harmless, soft to the touch, more assured.
Under the premise of ensuring the temperature, the heat is even and stable, and the heating time is longer.
Warmth begins at the soles of the feet.
1. Do not use it when wearing sandals or slippers (high temperature will cause the upper to expand)
2. Do not use this product during strenuous exercise or walking (to prevent leakage of damaged packaging materials)
3. Do not use in front of electric blankets or heating appliances
4. Do not attach directly to the skin (to prevent high temperature burns)
5.Do not let children touch and play. If you accidentally get into your eyes or mouth, please rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice promptly.

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