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Electric Socks

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Package Included:

2X Heating socks ( electric power bank. Not Included)

– High-quality Material: This heating stocking is made of 80% cotton, 12% polyester and 8% elastic fiber material, so it is absorbent, breathable, quick-drying, and elastic.

– Suitable Occasions: Focusing on the toes to prevent the feet from getting cold, which can promote blood circulation. Apply to arthritic feet and long-term cold feet and stiff joints, giving you a warm winter.

– Heating Piece: The heating piece is inside the sock. Specially designed battery pocket is safe and easy to carry.


– Electric Heating Socks: Using power bank to heat socks for cold weather projects or winter outdoor sports, winter ski hunting, camping cycling and motorcycles to keep warm.



– Each sock need a 3.7V electric power bank.









Three-speed thermostat Automatic Level Adjustment(preheating function)

1. After the thermostat is connected to the power supply (battery), the red, green and blue lights flash once. Long press the button for 2 seconds to start and enter the preheat mode, the LED shows red with breath flash. High output with output power of 100%, heating automatically changes to mid-level after 5 minutes.

2. Mid-level, LED light displays green, output power is 70%.

3. Low-level, LED light displays blue, output power is 40%.

4. Click to switch level button with three levels cycle, long press 2 seconds to shut down.


Heating time:

High-level red light heating around 5 hours

Mid-level orange light heating for about 7 hours

Low-level green light heating for about 9 hours



Material: Cotton


Size: uniform code


Power supply: one 3.7V power bank per sock (not included)


Temperature: 50 degrees under normal temperature.


Fever: sole of the foot

Package Included:

2X Heating socks

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